Love Stories

Love Stories

Thank you Dave and Jinny so much for all of your hard work! Our wedding was perfect! Thank you for making our day so beautiful! You really did a wonderful job.

- Kimberly and Reza married on May 17, 2008


Dear Jinny,
I can’t thank you enough for making our wedding so special. Your calm, clear words kept us together and your special treatment of my grandson really made a difference. Thank you so much for being there for us and sharing our day!

-Kathleen and Steve


Although we knew we were going to elope in St. Pete, we didn’t decide to have a beach wedding until a few days before we left. Fortunately, we were able to find that Loving Unity had an opening. We were both impressed with how Rev. Virginia Bishop and her husband David (who is an amazing photographer) took time to get to know us prior to performing the ceremony.
Rev. Virginia Bishop also did a great job picking out vows that were truly special and did tell our story. After the ceremony, David took photographs for almost two hours, giving us a portfolio of pictures that my family and friends can’t stop talking about. The St. Pete beach gave our wedding day a beautiful setting and Loving Unity added a personal touch that will never be forgotten. Thanks again Loving Unity

-Steven and Hui


Dear Jinny,
I just wanted to follow up with you about the service. It was such a beautiful occasion and I wanted to thank you again for making it so special.

- Melanie Weed


Dear Reverend Bishop,
We cannot thank you enough for our beautiful wedding you officiated. You helped us create such a meaningful and memorable ceremony that truly reflected our promises to each other. Thank you again for getting our marriage off to such a great.

- Rachel Lowe and Mike Barlin 10/2011


Reverend Bishop,

Thank you so very much for being our officiant. You made our day so special with your grace and creativity. Thank you for giving us a copy of the
ceremony. We will always look back on this day and remember how special it was. It truly was an honor to meet you and know you.

- Amy & Mike Rose


Reverend Virginia Bishop,
Thank you for such a beautiful ceremony and for sharing our special day with us. It was all that we have dreamed!

- Mr. & Mrs. John and Amanda Kammarada

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