Baptism/Name Giving


A Baby is born and it is a day for celebration! This is the day we welcome a precious angel, into our hearts, a loving community of family and friends, and into the family of all creation! This is a time for us to formally acknowledge their name and honor those closest to them. This is a time for us all to offer our prayers, hopes and dreams for this new life, and to acknowledge the blessing that has been bestowed upon us with their presence.

It is very special to be born a human being on earth and to be named. To have a name is to have a focus. To have a name is to have a symbol. To have a name is to announce one’s uniqueness. To have a name is to belong to a family. To have a name is to be honored by the universe.

This is your time to give your creation a name with distinction, to give autonomy, personality, and honor. To give a name is an act of the highest love parents have, to honor the safe passage from creation into our lives on this planet and into God’s universe of life.

We will create a ceremony to welcome, honor, bless and celebrate this new life. The ceremony can be religious or non, and can include customs from any faith tradition, and one which uplifts and honors all of the family.

There are a variety of rituals within the ceremony that you may like. These can include candles, water, music, prayers, religious artifacts such as a cross, and flowers. The ritual can be just as unique as the child being honored.

In addition, to Baptism, we are honored also to bless and honor adopted children into a family. This is a beautiful way to share your joy with the rest of the family and your friends. We would be happy to provide recommendations for various places where the celebration can take place. You may also want to have the celebration followed by a lunch or picnic in the park.

Home Blessing

Home Blessing

The home is where your heart is. A home blessing is the first step in making your house a home. With that in mind what a great way to start living your life in a new home or apartment. Our homes are our resting place, our shelter from the outside world, our refuge. Some of us work in our homes, and spend a great deal of time in the home with our families.

The blessing of your home or apartment is the perfect beginning. You are starting out fresh in a new chapter of your life. The blessing will create your sacred space, and fill your home with light, peace and love. It is a celebration of new beginnings.

Let’s have a housewarming! The home blessing can be small and intimate, or a larger gathering of family and friends. The blessing may involve chanting, music, prayers, candles, and calls for a celebration at the end!

As you live in your house, fill it with praise, and constant thanksgiving. You will love the atmosphere of your home and everyone who enters it will love it too!

Funerals, Memorials, Celebrations of Life

Each service is totally custom written and unique. Our ministers are dedicated to design and write the ceremony for you, one that will honor your loved one. We begin with a meeting with you and your immediate family. After this meeting, we create and deliver a meaningful service designed to celebrate and remember the spirit, character, and story of the one who has passed away.

When we meet, we learn the unique stories, songs, and see pictures and experience your loved one. These memories allow us to create with you a Celebration of Life, which can be done at a funeral home, private home, graveside, or any other venue of your choice. We can also assist you with a scattering of ashes ritual.

We will walk with you through this challenging time, we will determine if it will be religious, or non-religious, and the readings, poems, scriptures or life stories you wish to have included. Incorporating unique stories and comfort rituals contribute to the well-being of family and friends. Often, a ceremony speaks when words fail.

You have our personal assurance that we will create and deliver a beautiful and memorable end-of-life ceremony with warmth, dignity, reverence and compassion. It is our wish for the service to be a healing and comforting process.

Services include a thorough planning meeting at the location of your choice, a custom written ceremony with comforting rituals, and a keepsake copy of the ceremony and more. We honor the memorial and life tributes from all faiths and traditions. Whether you are religious, spiritual or secular, we have a strong working knowledge of the world’s traditions and will work with you to create a beautiful and meaningful memorial, life tribute, graveside service or funeral. In so many ways, an end-of-life ceremony is an act of love and a beautiful way to say “thank you” to someone for having shared their life with us in a format that is deeply moving and meaningful.

Grief is a journey. A ceremony that celebrates the life of your loved ones is a valuable opportunity to begin true healing for grieving family and friends.

Pet Memorials

Pet Memorial
Why do we need pet memorials? Anyone who’s lived with a pet has probably come to feel that it’s a part of the family. Pets have become increasingly important in our lives, whether because more people are living alone due to divorce or death, or having chosen to remain single, or because families are much smaller than they used to be and pets have scampered in to fill the gaps. Whatever the reason, we feel as if our hearts are entangled with our pets, and when they die, we grieve almost as much as–sometimes more than–when a human family member dies.

It’s important to recognize that a living, breathing being whom we loved has left the earth and our lives. We need to acknowledge the reality of the death and to have others acknowledge it and respect the depth of our grief. When we hold a memorial for a beloved pet, we give ourselves and others the opportunity to mourn the loss.

We are honored to work with you to create a memorial pet memorial service.

Your memorial might take the form of a graveside service, a ceremony for scattering your pet’s ashes, or a gathering to remember him after the burial or cremation has already taken place.

It’s important that you tell people how you felt about your pet, and how you’re feeling now.

We assist you in allowing yourself to give this sad occasion the weight it deserves. You can invite the people whom you know will understand your grief and will be able to comfort you. If you feel that some people might be unwilling to attend a service for a pet, extend the invitation and let them decide. The most important thing is that you’ll be there.

Our ministers will create a beautiful ritual that will bring honor to your beloved pet, and some comfort to your soul. It will be in the remembering of the happier times that you will find the comfort so needed at this time.

Pets bring us so much joy, laughter, companionship and comfort that they truly become a part of our families. We live with them, if we’re lucky, for many years. We come to know them as individual beings–their habits and quirks, their endearing little ways–and get so accustomed to having them around that it’s hard to picture a time when they won’t be there.

No doubt your pet had a favorite toy or activity, and probably more than one. Choose something that really speaks to your heart and commemorate your pet by using it in the ceremony. For instance, if your dog just loved to chase tennis balls, give some to your guests and ask them to bounce them, play catch with them or just toss them into the air a few times. You’ll probably get some smiles, and that’s a good thing!

If you’re burying your pet or scattering ashes, we will say prayers or recite another poem as the pet’s casket is put into the grave or as you scatter the ashes. You can sprinkle dog cookies, cat treats, Frisbees, fabric mice or anything that your pet loved on top of the casket or beside the grave or urn.

We are there to bring comfort to you after your loss and have the memory of your pet bring you comfort at a very difficult time.

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